Track stock movements & make invoicing even easier with Inventory Items.
System covers Serial wise Inventory Management, Sales and Billing.
Basic Inventory and Billing control software, you can manage your Purchase and Sale Orders. Cash Sales and Credit Customers can easily be controlled. The Inventory Management module further can easily be integrates with General Ledger module.
Benefits & Features
Inventory Control
Create unlimited product categories and product code with various types of notes, e.g.: Inventory item, Non-inventory item, services, etc Ability to create new stock items by 'cloning' existing stock records. Pre-define purchase; sale and promotional pricing can be entered in advance. To ensure your stock remains at optimal levels, setup minimum and maximum stock levels for each product. This will then give you alerts of over and under stocks for urgent action. Serial based product definition is available for electronics and related products.
Supplier & Purchases
Manage your all your supplier details in one simple location. Record useful information such as contact details, emails, payment terms, and bank details. Use our simple and easy to use Purchase Order generation system to order inventory items; receive full order or partial order, generate GRN, maintain supplier history. Stock can be received without PO for general or in-store purchases.
Buyer & Sales
Manage all your customer details simply and easily. Record key information for efficient and accurate invoice entry including sales representatives, tax rates, discounts, and contact details. Use simple and easy to use invoicing/billing screen to process Cash or Credit Sales with multiple discount options. Send invoice to customer with previous balance details as well. If you have to reverse your sales, system lets you create either value or return credits to keep your clients happy.
Comprehensive reporting on Buyer & Supplier movement history and product movement detail. Stock availability and valuation at last cost and average cost. Aged Stock Report and reporting of stock approaching or past their “best by” date. Current customer orders and purchase orders. Sales and cost statistics for any nominated range of sales periods.
Security & User Management
Strong User Management and Simplified administration capabilities.
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