Print bills and performs all front desk tasks within about 15 minute of training.
User-friendly touch screen POS allows staff of any experience to successfully process orders.
Customized and tailored to your business, RMS (Restaurant Management System) will maximize your business potential with our easy to use front of house or administration solutions.
RMS is fully integrated across different divisions of restaurant/café/bar like Stores, Recipes, Menu, Cash Counters, Accounts and Employees. RMS can handle complex customer ordering for example; pizza orders with half orders, plusses and minuses, combos, meal deals, upgrade to double or triple ingredients. RMS allows you to predetermine and price according to your business standards. No more questions asked by confused staff!
Benefits & Features
Business Center/Back Office
No matter whether your restaurant is part of a chain, a franchise or an independent eatery, Business Centre helps you stay in touch with the financial details of your business. Multi-site management is easy with Business Centre, it sends data as it happens at outlet level to head office for instant review. Manage menu; create combos/ meal deals for any special promotions that you choose to run. Make instant changes or updates across all outlets or selected outlets. View sales trends, Reconcile your daily takings. Track staff time and attendance. Determine staff performance and top sellers. Specifically target your customers via direct marketing with emails, mail outs and SMS.
Stock Control
Handles vendor ordering, recipes, food usage, cost reporting and more. Helps find and fix food cost and profitability problems like theft, poor portion control, spoilage, waste and under pricing. You can manage raw materials, master raw materials, semi-finished ingredients and finished ingredients. Stock is directly linked with Recipe, as soon as you sale any menu item it automatically decrease the stock. Your stock levels are managed, automatically suggesting inventory items and quantities to order. Get alerts on critically low stock.
Point of Sale (POS)
Use a touch screen to take customer orders! Design the order entry screens to fit the way your restaurant works. Training new employees is fast and easy. Order to tables, record position numbers, and print in separate courses if required. Take restaurant reservations; take drive-thru orders and rapid recall at the collection point. Add extra ingredients and automatically increase the price accordingly. You can create barcode based discount cards with parameters like maximum percentage allowed, maximum number of visits and maximum amount allowed.
Integration with Accounts
A comprehensive accounts system is integrated with it, which controls the banks, purchases, advances and daily petty expenses.
Integration with Payroll
HR/Payroll module enables you to manage salaries of you staff through attendance machine (Thumb/Card) and accounts module is directly linked with it for deduction of their advances. It will reduce the un-effective time of you staff for salary making.
Dashboard & Reporting
Dashboard for daily sales, cost of materials, stock levels and cash position. You can print “Monthly Performance Report” of all you menu items by each month to check their popularity and profitability. You can compare it with others. An “Aging report for Payable” is very helpful to mark due payments to maintain your Cash Flow.
Security & User Management
Software is supported by fully integrated Security module which enables you to restrict users according to their job description.
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