Produce high-quality products at high profit margins, even when conditions are changing rapidly.
Improved on-time delivery with optimized manufacturing capacity, tracking materials and products across the chain.
With accelerating customer demands in an exceedingly rush order climate, ever increasing product diversity and complex materials management, manufacturers these days are trying to boost yields and better manage their production lines. AWM serves mid-size manufacturers that specialize in Processing, Discrete, Make-to-order, Assemble-to-Order, and Job Order manufacturing environments.
Manufacturing Planning
Manufacturing planning manages the execution phase of the manufacturing process, while work orders are typically used to manage the planning, execution, raw materials consumption and feedback of production results. It allows you to effectively plan your production and ensures full visibility of your manufacturing resources. There are Production Plans, Master Production Schedules (MPS), Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) and Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP). Planning BOMs and supply/demand data from the inventory and distribution system to create a list of planned orders. After verification by the planner, work orders or purchase orders can be automatically generated, in bulk, grouped by product or other operational requirements. Leftover inventory should be re-used wherever possible: with MRP and its ability to recycle leftover stocks imagine if you can save up to 1-2% in manufacturing costs.
Manufacturing Operations
Take advantage of a manufacturing operations solution that integrates data systems with shop/floor/unit activities to create one, comprehensive as-built record. Accurately track and manage complex work-in-progress scenarios. Access real-time manufacturing data to make fast, informed decisions Increase visibility across the business – from orders to product quality
Integrity between stock control of goods produced and payment for sub-contracting services is fully preserved, without any double handling, creation of dummy items or otherwise compromising inventory integrity. Subcontracting and outsourcing deliver flexibility and cost benefits to your operations. Accurately track both unplanned and scheduled work, within both the shopfloor and work order environment. Sub-contract purchase orders can be raised at various times. Operations, work centres and subcontractors can be modified or substituted, while goods receipt takes place using the standard purchasing goods receipt functions.
Wastage & Re-Work Management
Strong wastage and re-work module help you to control your non-quality costs. There should be no misunderstanding or confusion by pre-defining the routing of re-works and you can reduce your non-quality cost.
Dashboard & Reporting
Production planning dashboard, WIP dashboard and outsourcing dashboard will help executives to know exact and on-spot position of running production and can take quick decisions in case of anomalies. Live dashboards will be updated as per floor’s work done.
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