Reduce the time to enter data and prepare sales/export documentation and minimize costly mistakes.
Reduce documentation costs, improve data integrity and generate management and audit reports to monitor shipments.
The software is designed to improve every stage of the sales/export operation of business. It delivers efficiency (for savings in cost and time), operational effectiveness (for higher sales and profitability), enhanced customer service and competitive advantage. International trade is complex and difficult to manage. It involves a number of documents, permits, approvals and co-operation of trading partners and associated service providers to move goods and documents from the exporter to the importer.
Benefits & Features
Product Lifecycle Management (Basic)
Basic Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) manages the entire lifecycle of a product from concept creation through design and manufacture, to service and the product end of life. The principal role of PLM is to manage a product’s definition from concept to retirement. View, manage, and update the entire product collection.
Customer & Order Management
Manage customer profile with all relevant information like contact person, shipping address, bank details, ports, agent info etc. Manage customer price list, inquiries and quotations. When a sales order is updated, available inventory, customer data, sales history, inventory movements and relevant general ledger accounts are all automatically updated. Print contract review, customer order confirmation and production order. Manage commission processes efficiently and accurately. Full back-order management.
Manage shipping documents for both local or export sales; covering letter, invoice, packing list, bill of exchange, E-Form, GSP, undertaking etc. Print packing and shipping labels as per invoice. Manage letter of credit (L/C) documentation and monitoring. Manage shipping agents.
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable dashboard provides accurate, real-time, relevant and easy-to-understand information to assist management teams with their decision making. With powerful enquiry options, you can interrogate the customers file for ageing analysis, product sales history, sales orders, outstanding invoices, inventory exposure, historical transactions, etc Manage bank realisation certificate and PRC.
Cliams Management
Manage customer complaints, debit note and claim orders.
Manage rebate documentation as per government laws and procedures. Keep record of relatable and pending invoices.
Dashboard & Reporting
Monitor and manage your customers and orders dashboard that improves decision making process by providing on-spot and quick information about current orders, late orders, sales and receivables.
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