Confidently grow online sales without jeopardizing customer service.
Save time and money that can be better spent on serving your customers and growing your business.
TXN brings together merchandising, point of sale, e-commerce and order management into a single centrally managed cloud solution. TXN is a deeply integrated, tested and proven system that saves time, money and delights customers.
Benefits & Features
Product manager gives you the ability to define multiple types of products (e.g. books, toy, apparel, golf clubs and tennis racquets) with unique product attribute and centrally manage product definition. Inventory is updated automatically as you ring up sales, returns, exchanges, and receive items so you instantly know whats in stock. Receive inventory by barcode, create and print location labels Pre-define purchase, in-store sale price, website price, promotional price and discount % can be entered in advance.
Order Management / Back Office
Manage multiple warehouse/stores with unique topographies. Orders from all sales channels are automatically captured and centrally staged eliminating manual and error-prone transfers of data, facilitating automation and minimizing staffing needs. Collect customer information as you ring up sales so you can see every sale and return. Plus, with the built-in loyalty program, you can easily reward your best customers and keep them coming back for more. Powerful filtering and drill down capability allows you track orders by stage: picking, packing, shipped, delivered or cancelled and automatic e-mailing to customers of order status and shipment tracking numbers. TXN includes an integrated warehouse and location management tool which allows you to easily receive stock, transfer and view inventory across one or more locations. Generate misc sale reports by any specific date range and by any store.
Point of Sale (POS)
POS having features of lookup product information via bar code, key entry, full or partial product name. On the fly information about product (location, packing etc.). Sell non-inventory products and process warehouse orders. Multiple discount options, tax options, apply store credit and many more.
E-Commerce Website
With TXN you get an ecommerce website with content management system that allows you to easily create and manage images, content and banners. Creating compelling, search friendly and manageable ecommerce websites that differentiate your brands, attract shoppers and maximize conversions. Increase cash flow by adding credit card payment facilities for both B2C and B2B customers.
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