You don't need to be an accountant, it's just that simple.
Try the easiest accounting software and control your money matters.
Basic accounting software is cost effective, east to use and plug-n-play packaged software that enables you to control your bookkeeping. It has Intuitive User friendly interface and Windows environment, avaliable with both Desktop & Client Server deployment options.
Benefits & Features
Chart of Accounts
Multi-level Chart of Accounts, Pre-defined Generalized Template for Chart of Accounts, Make Accounts Active/Inactive, Print Chart of Accounts
Banks Management
Setup Bank & Branch Profiles, Setup Bank Accounts, Setup Cheque book profiles, Cheque book Details, Print/Cancel/Post and Un-postthe Cheques.
Payment Voucher, Receipt Voucher, Journal Voucher, Expense Voucher Make Payment by Cash/Bank Post-dated cheque handling, Settle the payment with open bills manually or Auto Apply. Enter receipts in Cash/ Bank, Clear the cheque with Invoices manually or Auto Apply. Other miscellenious voucher to record Journal and expense transactions, transfering amounts from Bank to Cash or vice versa, enter adjustments, print vouchers
Transaction Reports, General Ledger, Trail Balance, Income Statement and Balance Sheets Standard general ledger for accounts with date range selection and with cleared and due cheque details and multiple printing options. Trial Balance summary, Trial Balance detail with from-to date range. Basic Income Statement and Balance Sheet.
Security & User Management
Strong User Management and Simplified administration capabilities.
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