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Effectively manage your most important asset – your people – with HR software designed for businesses of any size.

Designed to fulfil the diverse industry requirements, the system provides for flexible setup and reports. Unlimited number of employees may be defined and categorized by division, department, location etc. The system provides for defining cost centres and respective allocation of employees salary along with associated reports.

An easy to use and intuitive user interface with navigation by menus, short cut keys or toolbar with persistent screen and button for fast, easy access to commonly used screens and reports save valuable time.

Benefits & Features

Employee Management

Manage all employee information securely and easily in a comprehensive employee record that includes employee contact information, hire date, subsequent review date, department and supervisor names, salary, withholdings, deductions, and sick and vacation day accruals.

Attendance & Leaves

Recording attendance is easy and intuitive. Options are available to either record the same manually by simply marking absence or fetch data from a time recording machine. This comprehensive module provides options to define different type of shifts with starting and ending time.


Employee overtime may be setup based of different options available. This may be on user defined rate or based of salary rate. Separate rates may be defined for Holidays, Off-days and Working days. Any additional amount may also be added to this overtime as desired. Once configured, the overtime may be processed independently or along with the monthly salary processing.

Advances & Loans

Different types of loans can be defined in the system. Loans can be refundable or non-refundable. Provision to allow loans against provident fund is also available.

Payroll Management

Simplify and standardize complex payroll processes by auto processing of payroll based on time/attendance management; calculate earnings, overtime, deductions, company contributions and taxes automatically.

Standard Reporting

More than 100 predefined reports are generated available for use. The reporting formats also cater to Income tax and other legal reporting requirements like generation of Salary Certificates, Statement U/S 165 and more.

Security & User Management

In order to maintain confidentiality of information and restrict unauthorized information access, a power group based security module is built-in. Users are classified into Usergroups (based on location, division, department, employee type etc.)

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